Leadership Circle Profile Certification

Certification gives you a powerful framework for enhancing leadership development and effectiveness. The Leadership Circle Profile Certification is three days packed with content designed to help you understand, work with, and effectively debrief The Leadership Circle assessments.

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help leaders gain deeper insight

Beyond Traditional Competency Based Approaches

In this session you will gain in-depth knowledge about the Universal Model of Leadership and the stage of development frameworks upon which the Leadership Circle Profile™ 360° (LCP) is built. Our unique integration of psychological, leadership, and development theory will provide you with transformational insight to help your clients increase their leadership effectiveness.
You’ll also learn a proven method for debriefing the Profile, and practice with others to develop the skills and confidence to successfully use the Profile immediately after certification. To deepen and accelerate your knowledge at certification, prior to the program you will take The Leadership Circle Profile and have a full debriefing with one of our senior coaches. This certification is designed for internal and external practitioners who want to enhance the leadership effectiveness of individual leaders within organizations. Prior executive coaching experience is required for attendance.
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Expect Extraordinary Outcomes

  • Supports you in working deeply with managers/leaders, thus enabling you to take coaching/leadership development to higher levels
  • Provides you with practical experience in debriefing assessments with clients
  • Teaches you the theoretical and statistical foundation upon which our assessments stand and helps you answer client questions about assessment validity
  • Provides implementation templates for supporting ongoing learning and follow-through for your clients
  • Introduces you into a community of practice that supports you in having greater impact through your work with leaders
  • Prior executive coaching experience required
  • Is approved by International Coach Federation for 24.86 CCE Units
    • Core Competencies 5.69 Units
    • Resource Development 19.17 Units


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Success Stories

“After nearly 1000 coaching sessions with many instruments, LCP has led to the best 1-on-1 coaching sessions I have experienced! It goes beyond feedback on behaviors/competencies (which it includes) to the source: core beliefs and assumptions out of which behaviors live.”

David WomeldorAuthor, Coach, Former Consulting Directorof Bank One Corporation’s Learning and Leadership Development

“I am certified in several popular and well researched 360 degree instruments and have delivered results to numerous executives over the past 15+ years. The Leadership Circle Profile is by far the most effective tool in getting directly and immediately into the most transformational conversation with the client. Nothing else comes close!”

Carol MurrayThe Lifework Institute